You know design, and this year’s annual Labor Day parade float is going to prove it to the whole town!  Some say you may have taken it too far when you stayed up all night working on the float, only to find wandering the streets in the morning covered paper mache in search of more coffee.  In fact, the medical team that examined you call it a “near-nervous breakdown.”  You call it, “a creative cognitive hiccup.”  


There’s artistry in everything you do, which is why you were put in charge of every float detail from theme and color scheme to wardrobe and makeup. And, so far, you’ve risen to the challenge.  The theme: superheroes; the color scheme: primary colors with pop; the makeup: eye masks, face paint and head pieces that aren’t too heavy or hot.  But you’re not done; what about the wardrobe?


No, we’re not talking about the costumes you rented and tailored last month.  We mean the extra attention to detail for those who may not be the “primary cast” but still walk with the ensemble.  Luckily for you, has you covered!


With just a few clicks, some fast decisions and a credit card, Whooptee can have your custom shirts ready faster than you can say The Flash! Consider fit and function for every person involved whether they’re driving the car that pulls the float, walking along the side handing out swag, or keep the cast cool with fans and water.  


Design t-shirts online by using the Designer Tool to choose your product, add text, change colors, upload an image or make a creation from the variety of clip art provided.  Choose from an icon spider on a blue short sleeved t-shirt or a simple POW! in black and yellow over a red tank top.


Use the Labor Day Promotional Code  DesignTees4613 to receive an extra 15% off the already affordable shirts, plus free shipping.  


Take a break from creativity, and go to the place where shirts design themselves -!


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