There is a very good reason that reading is considered a core subject for youngsters. Arguably, even more so than math or science, reading is a vital part of everyday life. A love of books in a young person is a beautiful thing. A love of reading opens worlds to the young imagination. Books are the key to learning about the real world and to getting lost in a world of the mind. With that in mind, it is incredibly important to foster that love of books in the young ones at local libraries. 


When trying to drum up youth interest in the library, after school programs are vital. You can have story time for the youngest readers, book clubs for older readers, and theme clubs, like fantasy or young adult, for niche readers who love certain genres. Why not a classic literature club that reads standards? A club that reads new releases and discusses them? Or perhaps a mystery club. 


It’s easier to find an audience for prose than it is for poetry, unfortunately. Libraries have a unique opportunity to keep poetry alive by reading classics and new masters of the craft. Why not invite young poets and authors to share their work and give each other feedback? The future of the next generation of writers is in your hands. 


Custom t-shirts are a great way to add value to a club or to promote it. Whatever your book club, you can create a cheap custom t-shirt online with Using our user-friendly designer tool, you can create a t-shirt for your club and choose your colors, fonts, and graphics. Arrange your design to meet your needs. You can even upload your own image, provided you own the copyright. Once you’ve finished your design and ordered your shirts, you shipment will arrive in two weeks shipped for free! 


We know how hard it can be for libraries to get by with limited funding. Custom t-shirts can make a great fundraiser idea as well. Keep fighting the good fight. Here’s to hoping the next generation takes literacy and artistic expression to the next level!

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