Do you roll your eyes at Bigfoot photos? What about the Loch Ness Monster? Are ghost sightings the product of fearful minds and bad dreams? Does the credibility of UFO sightings leave much to be desired? You, friend, are a skeptic. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is so very, very much right. 


The role of a skeptic in society is not to be a party pooper, but an agent of reason who doesn’t take things at face value, but looks at them from other angles. Without skeptics, people may still believe the world is flat, the Earth is at the center of the solar system, and dinosaurs never fought a moon war against cybernetic cats. Ok, we made the last one up…but you get the idea.  Skepticism is the basis for science itself, as the scientific method is a sort of skeptic that is present for every experiment. 


In that spirit, WhoopTee would like to celebrate National Skeptics Day by offering our skeptical friends the opportunity to design an affordable custom t-shirt online that celebrates their questioning nature. We know, you’re skeptical that a deal that good can be true. Go ahead, see for yourself. All you have to do is design a custom t-shirt with our user-friendly design tool, and click “Get Quote” to see just how much your order will set you back, and how much each individual piece will cost. 


“Aha! Pieces! I knew there was a catch. You have minimum order requirements,” you say. Not so fast, friend. Check out our no minimum options. You can, in fact, buy just one custom t-shirt. Better yet, if you live in the 48 contiguous states, you’ll get free shipping in two weeks. If you need it sooner, simply select rush delivery and you’ll have your shirt in just one week. You may be a skeptic, but its hard not to believe in WhoopTee.

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