It’s National Cat Day, and naturally social media is abuzz with photos of cats. Really, is social media ever NOT abuzz with cat photos? The running joke has always been that the internet is 90% cute animals and/or funny animals. With today as an excuse, cat photos have hit epidemic levels. With that in mind, let’s look back on some trends in cat photos you may have forgotten about. 


Cat Breading 


Cat Breading is exactly what it sounds like. People took photos of their cats with a hollowed out piece of white bread around the cat’s face. For some reason, this took Redit, Twitter, and blogs by storm a few years ago. It was even popular enough to merit a South Park episode, which is usually a sign of hitting the big time. 


Grumpy Cat


Perhaps the best of the cat memes, Grumpy Cat is world famous for one really pouty, angry face. You’ve no doubt seen it numerous times, if not through memes, then through a plethora of merchandise with everyone’s favorite sour puss. This merchandising wing was quite popular at one time, and included many t-shirts. Some included text commenting on the cat, others just the cat. 


Is Your Cat Meme Worthy?


Everyone thinks they have the cutest cat in the world. Is your cat up for the title? Or is it just really silly? What are you waiting for…enter the fray! If your cat does catch on across the internet, cash in while you can. Internet fame can last minutes, and you need to be ready to pounce. Take Grumpy Cat’s example and make custom tees. Sell them while your cat is a hot button item. 


Are You a Dog Person?


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