Working in the elements is tough; especially when you’re one of the men and women responsible for fixing roads, updating bridges, or restoring power after a late summer storm.  These jobs aren’t for the faint of heart; they require attention to detail, careful diligence, endurance and adaptability.  They train for years, learn their trades and always come prepared with the right equipment.

In that same spirit as these unique tradesmen and women, offers the Anvil Made in America Long Sleeve Shirt.  This shirt was built to last! The craftsmanship starts with a quality cotton-polyester blend that breathes and stretches with every move.  Not to mention it’s available in safety yellow and orange so you’re more visible on the dangerous road jobs.

Customize those shirts for each outfit on the job.  Support the Union by customizing with a Local emblem.  Show the company unity by ordering blue shirts for the ladies in the office and orange for the journeymen in the field.  Go to, choose from any one of the custom t-shirt that are made in America.  Design your t-shirt and get a discount on all bulk t-shirt orders

Wake up early, make the coffee and prepare for a long days, or night’s work, with the right equipment.  It may start with the steel toe work boots and jeans but it end with right long sleeve shirt.  No need to search any longer for the best performance shirt for the job.  Don’t settle for less at work or in life.  Order quality apparel at 

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