I grew up making custom t shirts, shorts, hair bows, you name it. If it could be cut, painted, cross-stitched or braided, I made it. As a 9 year-old venture capitalist waiting for my moment to change the world with friendship bracelets and puff paint, eveything I saw was creative inspiration. Clearly these were the days before the Internet, copyright and anything having to do with Pinterest.

My cutoff sweat shorts painted with pastel handprints were a big hit at volleyball camp. The hairclip I made from uninflated balloons was a major  conversation piece, and the source of a lot of jokes, at the ballgame. (Now that I'm older, I realize one girl's balloons look like another man's tiny condoms.)

Between work, school, family and some semblance of a social life, I don't have the time to devote trips to the craft store and creating a masterpiece. Inspiration? I can't see past the hypnotizing glow if a computer screen, let alone create a scene from a Tommy Hilfiger ad.

However, that doesn't relieve me from the responsibilities as Maid of Honor for my best friend's wedding. She remembers me as that girl  that created my personal wardrobe and wore it without fear of scrutiny. Am I still that girl? Is she inside me readied with markers and glitter glue waiting to come out to play?

I can do this. I can be original, pick something everyone will like and not make my best friend regret the day she met me. Tank tops and T shirt design are great but I'm going to go back to my roots. The ladies will love the way they look and feel in these Badger Ladies' Cheerleader Shorts and Bella + Canvas Straight Leg Fleece Sweatpants! Comfy, custom and no paint involved. Thanks WhoopTee.com.


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