I now have more proof that custom t-shirts really are the solution to all your problems—thanks to that friend (we all have one) who keeps “thinking about getting a tattoo”. Instead of having to have an awkward conversation about how that lyric from that band that changed their life maybe isn’t that good…

Just convince them to put it on their own next favorite t-shirt!

And then when they call you up a month later and say that they’re just sure a dolphin is their spirit animal…

convince them to expand their closet! That’s never hard, right?

Custom t-shirts save the day again. Because let’s face it—a t shirt design… better than a tattoo. With WhoopTee’s high quality materials, you can be sure that, just like a tattoo, a custom t-shirt will last forever… but you can always swap out your next favorite custom t-shirt when a more brilliant idea strikes. And with WhoopTee’s super fast shipping, you can design your own t shirt and be sure it will get to that friend’s doorstep before they change their mind again. Problem solved!

Hansen tattoo photo via, dolphin tattoo photo via

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