Red hair, polka dot dress and an infectious smile; add a musical Cuban husband, a loyal best friend and a curmudgeon and you have one of the best comedies of all time.  I Love Lucy broke cultural barriers and gender stereotypes under the guise of making millions laugh.  The show’s production was the first to use the three-camera format as the cast rarely shot retakes in front of its live studio audience.  In addition to lasting just six years on television, the show lives on in syndication entertaining 40 million viewers a year.  


It’s legacy lives on as October 15th is I Love Lucy Day (it originally aired on this date in 1951.)

Celebrating the show involves appreciating its cast, writing, style and pop-cult status through a series of rituals and customs that only true fans could endure.  Here are a couple ways to evaluate and separate the true fans from the wanna-be’s:


Scenario #1:  You’re home alone, flipping through stations and stumble across and episode of I Love Lucy you’d seen approximately 20 times.  Do you:

  1. Watch for a moment until your first laugh, then keep flipping

  2. Leave the show on while you look through Facebook

  3. Run to grab some chips and soda and see which episode is next


Scenario #2: You’re in the mall, perusing a local novelty store when you see a Lucy and Ethel bathrobe.  It’s $100.  Do you:

  1. Take a picture and post it on Instagram with the title I Loved Lucy until I saw the price

  2. Touch it, check the sizes, try it on and put it back

  3. Grab it, scratch it off your Christmas list and head to the checkout


Scenario #3: You’re at work, when you hear your boss say to your co-workers as they share a box of chocolates “Hey Lucy and Ethel, knock it off and get back to work.” Do you?

  1. Laugh and say “Good one” and get back to work

  2. Ask if he saw that episode last night too?

  3. Kick him in the shins and say they have every right to exercise their “love for Lucy” (regardless of whether or not the statement was intentional)

The correct answers for the true fans are obviously all C’s.  Of course any true fan wouldn’t just stop at winning, but they’d design a custom shirt for all their friends and family with With the best selection, easy to use design tools and lowest prices, even Lucy would find a way to whooptee.  (She’d love the name.)  Commemorate and duplicate your statement shirt with Whooptee!

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