Columbus Day has come and gone.  Did you spend your Monday wisely or waste it away like so many other holidays?  Official holidays are hard to come by, especially here in The States.  Germany has 39 days of national observance; France celebrates a total of 19 official holidays and even Saudi Arabia 28 days to spend in leisure.  How many of those other celebratory countries get to commemorate the founding of their nations with a trip to the mall after an extra two hours of sleep?  Any of them . . . if they really wanted to.

If you Google Things to do on Columbus Day, you’ll find Things to do in New England . . . on Columbus Day or Activities in Columbus, Ohio  . . . on Columbus Day. Take a mental inventory of this past Monday and think how you could’ve made it better.  Sure your closet is now re-organized with your fall wardrobe.  And okay, so you finally finished Breaking Bad - great.  But rather than falling into a routine or admiring someone else’s creativity - make something of your own for others to admire.  Low on inspiration? Think W.W.C.C.D - What Would Christopher Columbus Do?

Design a shirt.  He’d design it for himself; design it for a crew or even for the Queen of Spain - if the Internet existed then.  That’s where comes in! With a little creativity and some technological magic provided by the Designer Tool, you could have a custom shirt faster than it took Columbus to sail the ocean blue.

Feeling a little worried your friends may not like it?  Head into the new world of design with a fearless sense of fashion.  How about a shirt that states: Columbus found America and I found Whooptee.  Or maybe: My favorite threesome is the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Make a shirt like that and you’ll go down in history. 

Like Columbus, a notorious cheapskate according to, you might think it would cost you a bag full of gold to get a custom shirt but you’d be wrong.  There are tons of great options for apparel on a budget; get a quote!

You may be thinking, but Columbus Day has passed, what now?  You can design anytime, any day of the week 24/7.  Start preparing for next year and make a Whooptee T-shirt! 

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