Have you ever wanted to be a custom t shirt designing bad ass? Welp, today’s your lucky day. Hooray for today’s t-shirt tip of the day: how to make the most out of your amazing t shirt design creations. Thankfully over the years, we’ve come across a few foolproof tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your apparel and help prolong their fragile lives! So, without further adieu, here they are:
1) Spot-treat and clean! Don’t over-wash
Although WhoopTee shirts are made with the most intense ink-binding processes money can buy, even our shirts aren’t completely infallible against the elements, kid’s sports practices, harsh detergents, unidentifiable bodily secretions … you know the drill. So, in order to fight back against everything that’s attempting to destroy the ink holding together your awesome t shirt design, we cannot stress this first one enough: do NOT over-wash your shirt. Detergent is like the bubonic plague to fabric ink … having said that, with your clothes exposed to the daily grind of sweat, food, and dirt, it can be tempting to toss your shirt in the wash after every single time you wear it. FIGHT THE URGE. Be strong. Use a lint roller, stain pain, or a spot treatment for tougher stains inbetween washes. Your custom t shirt will thank you, and it will last a butt load longer than it would have. 
2) Keep dark and light colors separate
This isn’t just a myth your parents made up to make laundry more difficult, as anyone who has mixed darks and lights together knows. Your darks don’t give a crap if they bleed all over your whites, and before you know it, your crisp, white or light-colored items will get completely destroyed by their darker, ink-laden compatriots. Before you know it, that gorgeous white pair of underwear you love has a strange, rust-like tinge and your favorite cardigan looks like pink barf. Yum. A washing machine isn’t like Harry Potter- the light of goodness does not triumph over evil. Ever. So, if you want your white custom t shirt to stay white, wash it with other similarly colored pieces.  
3) Zip Up Jeans and Hoodies in the Wash
Aside from harsh detergents, nothing rips apart your soft fabrics quicker than zipper teeth, so zip that s*** before you throw it in the wash! I have to confess, I didn’t know that before I decided to become obsessed with mom blogs, because they are HILARIOUS and you can win free stuff. Also, women are powerful, mystical creatures...but that’s another issue entirely, not fit for a t-shirt blog. 
So, any other questions? Custom t shirt design queries that just can’t wait? Life problems you need us to solve? Any and all are welcome. Reach out to us at [email protected], and design your own custom t shirt today! So simple, easy, and fun … so what are you waiting for? Get cracking ASAP. You won’t regret it! That’s the WhoopTee guarantee.  
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