What is your favorite pie? Is it apple, pumpkin, pecan, blue berry, or cherry? Perhaps pecan? Shepherd? Pot (pie…we’re talking about pie)? Humble? Do you love pie charts, or getting a piece of the pie financially? Are you a fan of 3.14? None of that matters. The undisputed master and ruler of the pie genre is without a doubt the fundamental building block of modern American civilization: the pizza pie. 


Who doesn't liken pizza? Seriously, who? Ok, we promise we’re done with the question marks. Still, pizza is the most versatile food you can possibly choose. Just about any meat, veggie, or otherwise has been put on a pizza at some point from anchovies to artichokes. You can feed a group with a pie, feed an army with a pile of them, feed yourself, or snake on a single slice. You can eat them sitting down, standing up, or even walking down the street. Pick them up with you hand, or eat them with a knife and fork. 


While some grumpy killjoys like Gordon Ramsey may throw a hissy over pineapples on a pizza, we think part of the joy of pizza is that nothing is off limits. Many interesting chefs pride themselves on coming up with new pizza combinations. Likewise, in a society known to be a melting pot of cultures, many immigrants or children of immigrants have brought their own unique flavors and toppings to the pizza party. 


Pizza is versatile and tasty, but more than anything, the ability to customize your pizza is fun. Pizza isn't the only thing you can customize with freedom. You can create a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee’s designer tool. You can choose your t-shirt product (crust), your color (sauce), and your font and graphics (toppings). You can even upload your own image. Let’s see your local pizzeria top that! Oh, by the way, t-shirts are a great promotion item for those also.

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