July 24, 2014 (B.S. Wire) Solar energy is not just for cars and houses anymore.  Environmentalists and Congressmen alike encourage to “go green” but not so says Tennessee native Alan Montgomery.  The 21 year old engineering student at the University of Podunk, urges other students to “Go Black for Solar Energy.”

“Why do you think so many people wear black?  Not only because it’s slimming but because the sun supplies you with energy to help you get through the day.  Since I’ve gotten this custom shirt from Whooptee.com, I’ve been warm, had tons of energy and have lost weight.”

Montgomery has also added running, eating a low carbohydrate diet, Red Bull and deep breathing to his daily routine.  However, he truly believes the majority of benefits come from his new t-shirt.  For an entire month, the t-shirt enthusiast wore nothing but the Bayside Union-Made Short Sleeve T-Shirt.   After trying keep up with social hygienic standards, he decided he could design his own t-shirts for each day from the entire product line.  “I have a Canvas Long Sleeve Henley, a Gildan Dry Blend Jersey Sport Shirt with a Pocket , a Badger B-Core Long Sleeve Shirt, and a alo Super Soft Dri-Blend T-Shirt  - all in black.”

And what does he tell people who don’t believe his theory?

“See, this is how it works: the black shirt attracts the sun and makes a chemical reaction with the Red Bull in my system.  After I’ve been outside for about 10 minutes practicing my deep breathing, science magic starts to happen and boom!  I’m all amped up!”  He ends our interview by saying “Going green just doesn’t make scientific sense.   As the saying goes ‘once you go black you don’t go back!’”

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