First dates can be great, but they can also be very awkward. With nerves firing, both of you are essentially interviewing a potential romantic partner for the job. This sort of occasion is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about awkward pauses, lagging conversation, or other brutal social missteps that can turn a standard first date, like dinner, into an extended social torture session. Meanwhile, if you opt for the other first date play, a movie, there’s no opportunities to talk. You could grab a drink, but in a noisy bar you could be getting the worst of the top two situations. 


Here’s an idea, try mini golf. We love mini golf around here, and fun parks in general. What’s not to love? Many have more than just mini golf, with attractions like batting cages and bumper cars, not to mention corn dogs, funnel cake, and other summer delights. 


Mini golf is a great first date because it’s fun, and it’s active. If you’re up and moving around, it’s easier to avoid awkward pauses or dead conversation. You can talk about the game, or talk around the game with natural breaks built in. Plus, the fun of it all will make time fly. You can talk, you can laugh, all while doing something. When you’re done, grab a snack and chat after 18 holes. 


Today is Miniature Golf Day, so it seems like as good a time as any to implore you to use what summer weather we have yet to break the ice. It doesn't have to be a first, or even a second date activity. If you and your significant other are just looking for a fun date night, try mini golf. If you feel like staying inside, why not design a t-shirt together. You can use our guides on t-shirts for partners as inspiration. 


If your first date, or an early memorable one, was put put, make a custom tee for you and your partner to commemorate it and go play a round at your local fun park. Keep that fire you lit all that time ago burning, and have a little fun this weekend! 

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