Badger Sportswear is commited to keeping top notch athletes as competitive as possible. This is achieved by designing apparel made for sweating and hustling! Badger is known for their moisture management technology and anti-microbial performance fabric. If you are looking for a custom t shirt to give you the extra edge you need to stay cool, Badger is perfect for you! So far this season we have seen Badger custom t shirts for archery, soccer, running, volleyball and much more. Our most popular item right now is the Badger B-Dry Hook T-Shirt.  Royal and white are flying off of the shelves this month.  

Another hot commodity popular with the ladies right now is this Badger Ladies' B-Dry Core T-Shirt. Available in various contrasting colors, this sleek shirt is sure to keep you on your toes!


We also carry Badger Youth B-Dry Core T-Shirts with sports shoulders to keep your favorite little athletes cool out on the field. Badger will keep your kids as cool as possible while competing.


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