Noooooo!! Why MTV, why? Actually, is anyone surprised? I suppose there's not enough room to squeeze in programming that is actually funny, artfully crafted, and full of heart amidst the fake tan-laden, Natural Light wielding degenerates of the networks’ highest-rated show, Jersey Shore. Leave it to MTV cancel a series that is smart, well-written, and hilarious, in favor of crippling the creative process with just what we all need: more reality TV. Spanning the gamut of decadent, indulgent reality television from the amorality of Jersey Shore to the downright depressing Teen Mom,  MTV has obviously not been the breadwinner of critically acclaimed programming for quite some time, and completely squanders it when given the chance. Great.

Defending the decision, MTV released a statement that said: “We’re proud to have aired I Just Want My Pants Back with its impressive creative pedigree and talented group of actors. Many factors go into determining renewals, however, and ultimately we decided not to move forward with an additional season of Pants.

Translation: We stood at an agonizing precipice. Do we stick with the delusional group of pseudo-Italian twenty-somethings gouged out from the bowels of the human race who make horrible life choices and unfounded boasts of self-importance but slam in the ratings…or do we show scripted programming that doesn’t suck?

You know the answer there. Alas, the shame! However, there is hope. Producer Doug Liman is shopping the show around to other networks, and the response of a small but mighty fan base thus far has been helping. You can help out too! “Like” the Give Us Our Pants Back movement on Facebook and Twitter, OR do like these awesomely awesomes and send MTV a pair of pants, or, ahem, "pants" MTV, if you will. Your call! 

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