As a parent you need to teach your children all the best habits they need to know as adults. Little children need to learn to potty in the toilet, clean their room, make their bed, comb their hair, shower, and brush their teeth. Parents work hard doing the best they can. As we may know, we need to reiterate some hygiene skills when they become teenagers. This is a time in their lives where they take on more work with school and some just develop a unnecessary disregard for their hygiene. This is why it is important to teach them young and to reinforce the skills as they grow older. But we get a little help with tooth brushing products. 


There are some that have little kid flavored tooth paste. They make tooth brushes for younger kids that makes it easier to fit inside their little mouths. Or they even play music that plays as long as they are recommended to brush their teeth. Or as you see more commonly are tooth brushes that come with stickers. There are a lot of incentives for children to brush their teeth and some parents can give treats or added incentives to get kids to brush their teeth. Our suggestion is to let them design their very own t-shirt. 


But with February being National Children's dental health month, dentists and dental hygienists can wear custom t-shirts to remind everyone of the importance of dental hygene. Teaching good hygiene habits young will lead to good dental health when they are older. It is also a good way for a dentist to bring in some more business by selling custom t-shirt with dental health awareness and their brand on the shirts. Do some good for kids, do some good for your business and create a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee's designer tool. 

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