Have you told your girlfriend how much she means to you lately? Have you bought her a present lately? If she’s opened up Twitter lately, you may need to be doing both in the near future. The very, very near future. Today is National Girlfriend Day, and while it hasn't taken root in the national consciousness like Valentine’s Day yet, it still makes for a good occasion for a kind expression of affection, or something a bit more. 


You should use today’s holiday as an occasion to get your girlfriend a special present. This isn’ because you’re being pressured by the holiday, but because you want to do something nice for your partner. You can create a custom tee present fro your girlfriend. You can come up with a cute little saying or design, something like GF = BFF. 


You can also go the touching route. Make a shirt that commemorates a special milestone in your lives, like an anniversary, a first kiss, or a romantic moment you both remember. You can also use an in-joke that just the two of you share. As long as you can tap into something you both share, your shirt will be successful on an emotional level. 


Or, you can simply make a shirt that says how much you care for your girlfriend. Sometimes, the best advice is the keep it simple. This is certainly true with t-shirt designs in general. Clutter and overcomplicated designs can often be messy. 


Whatever route you go with the content or design of your shirt, you can count on our easy-to-use designer tool making it a breeze. You can also count on free shipping in two weeks. If you want to show your girlfriend her shirt today, you can email it, share it on social media, or print it out. Of course, there is no such thing as a bad day to tell your girlfriend how you feel. Likewise, there isn't a bad time to design a custom tee. For more inspiration, check out our guides for t-shirts for partners.

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