Most schools, sports and clubs order the same old shirts every year and call it tradition.  Let’s be honest…although traditions are important, they can also get boring and unappealing. For example, there are nerds and there are trendsetters.  The nerds play it safe, never thinking outside the box.  The trendsetters smash the box open and dare to be different.  So start a new tradition!  Be the first from your team to custom design your club shirts!

Head to to choose from a variety of products to help cheer for your school or just make a statement.  You want cool, new, unique t-shirts? We’ve got cool, new, unique t-shirts!  You want a comfy sweater? We’ve got comfy sweaters!  You want an outfit to take home to your pet so they can represent your school while strutting around the block?   Because yes, we even have those too! How? Just search buy custom t-shirts online.

For all you trendsetters, the process to create a custom t-shirt, pants and t-shirts couldn't be easier.  First, just go to the website.  Choose your apparel, then pick anything you want to say such as your school chant, your name, or team name. Add designs  . . . like your school mascot or crest! Take orders for your friends and teachers while you fill your social calendar.

Let the nerds make their ill-fitting homemade shirts with markers and puff paint and the aid of a protractor. THOSE nerds get shoved in lockers and get swirlies in the toilets because they didn’t go to    

REMEMBER…don’t be a nerd.


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