Whomever it was that invented bowling (perhaps the same dude who invented twist ties, or fortune cookies...they probably all get together and have intellectual salons about the next innovation of humanity...like bendy straws with built-in GPS...who knows) was pretty much a genius. Who could have guess it would be so much fun to knock over a bunch of wooden pins with a super heavy, densely packed plastic ball? The bowling alley near my childhood home hosted gazillions of birthday parties for kids and adults alike, and the coolest part was you got to take home an actual pin with your name on it. To me and my seven year old brain, this was even cooler than when Lunchables decided to start including fun-size Twix as dessert (that's really saying something). So of course, I had my second grade birthday party there, and to this day I proudly display my bowling pin on the windowsill of my room. So if you’re poking around for a new hobby, getting your friends together for a night of bowling once a week is a great way to start. Order some awesome tees for your team and satisfy that weirdly inexplicable human desire to smash things.


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