Chances are your winter break is winding down. Sooner much rather than later, you’re going to be going back to school for another semester. Why not start off your spring semester on the right foot? Why not upgrade your wardrobe with custom t-shirts for school from WhoopTee? We already know what you’re going to say:


“I’m broke! I can’t afford fancy expensive clothes!” 


“I can’t buy custom t-shirts because I don’t want to have to get an entire order. I only want one shirt of my design.” 


Well, we would like to politely disagree on both fronts. 


1. The Money


Our t-shirts are flat out affordable. For more guidance on making our already affordable custom t-shirts even more economically reasonable check out these guides. Also, we don’t even charge for shipping. WhoopTee orders are shipped in two weeks free of charge to the 48 contiguous states. 


2. Order Quantity


With WhoopTee, you don’t have to buy a crate of t-shirts to get the custom tee your designed with our designer tool. We have these options that require no minimum order. That means that with these shirts, you don’t have to worry about how many you’re forced to buy. You can order just one for yourself.


Now that we’ve covered that you can buy single t-shirts, and you can buy them affordably, you’re fresh out of excuses, especially because you can make your t-shirts anything you want. We have plenty of fonts and clip art for your to choose from when designing your shirt. You can even upload your own image and incorporate it in your design. 


Now that we have it all sorted out, you can use our user-friendly designer tool to create your own wardrobe for this next semester. Flex your creativity, flex your individuality. Now, if you do need multiple shirts, like for your fraternity, your sorority, or your club, check out the other options we have available.

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