2018 is in the books. Just like any other year, there were ups, and there were downs. We lost some people, and gained others. There were good times, and bad. The  bad never last and the good always come back. Nothing lasts forever. This is why New Years Day is seen as not only a time of reflection on the previous year, but a time of rebirth. Whatever troubled you in 2018 is in the past. It’s time to move on. move forward, and embrace a new start. 


On the flip side, there’s no reason why you can’t carry positive momentum over into 2019. Whatever you have improved this year in your work, relationships, family, skill sets, or any other part of your life, you can keep that rolling into the new year. Keep improving yourself and your life. 


We at WhoopTee plan to keep our momentum rolling into 2019. We had a great year in 2018 and plan to have an even better 2019. We vow to continue giving our customers high-quality screen printing, top-flight customer service, and free shipping to the lower 48 states. 


When you enjoy our easy-to-use designer tool to make great affordable custom t-shirts online, we promise to help you and make your experience as flawless as possible. That’s what we have guides to help you with ideas and designing your shirts. We also have a Guarantee of superior quality and customer service and happiness. Check out the WhoopTee Bill of Rights to learn more. 


As you move into 2019, a great way to begin anew in the new year is to change your appearance. Freshen up your wardrobe and the new layers on the outside will help you feel rejuvenated on the outside. New year, new wardrobe, new you. You can order just one custom t-shirt for yourself to expand your wardrobe, or order several for your friends and help them start off the new year on the right foot. 


Thank you to all of our fantastic customers who made 2018 a great year for WhoopTee. Here’s to a great 2019!

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