When you have a niche product, you are invariably tied to a community. For a big box retailer, this is a non-issue. For an independent store that sells a very specific product to a very specific clientele? You bet it’s a big issue. First of all, when we say niche, we mean a product that appeals to a small group of people. Comic books, dolls, action figures, sports memorabilia, embroidery supplies, model trains, etc. 


Niche markets only exist because of communities built around a shared love. Notice the key words there….share, and love. These are two elements that any good strategy for your store will need to embrace. You need to build communities within communities around your store to have any chance. How do you do that? You share. You share on social media. You have events where people can share their passion. You create social media groups or forums for discussion of your fandom. 


Consider the other keyword: love. Any fandom is fueled, first and foremost by passion. Nobody wakes up one day and decided “hmm, I’d love to drop all my disposable income, maybe more” on comic books, vinyl records, you name it. They do it because they truly, in every corner of their heart, love their interests and need it in their life. That’s what you need to tap into. That’s what you nurture when you interact with your customers. It’s all about love. 


For your brand, for your community, we suggest creating custom tees. You can use your custom tees as an affordable uniform in your shop. You can use them as prizes or entry perks when you hold events, competitions, or promotions. You can give them away on social media to get more followers. You can even sell them outright. With WhoopTee’s designer tool, you can create a custom tee quickly and easily, and even upload your own image. The best part? Free shipping!

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