Oh boy, here we go…clearly, this is a much, much needed post, given the fact that girls posting pictures like this seem to be getting younger and younger by the nanosecond. I agree with the majority opinion that the classic duck face looks absolutely terrible on everyone…BUT…while duck facing is certainly a misguided attempt to come off as attractive, is this really as horrific as bands of klingon-saluting internet trolls make it out to be? Based on some of the comments I see, duck facery might as well be up there with drug trafficking, adultery, or worse, offensive mullets (blegh).

Obviously it's ingrained in our cultural DNA to want to be perceived as beautiful specimens of mankind, but it's even in our biological nature as well. Attractive people have access to the healthiest, youngest mates, which ensure the healthiest offspring–aka, the biological goal of all living creatures, humans included. It's not some mistake that culture and media are obsessed with beauty; it's how we've been programmed in order to ensure the human species continues to pass down strong heredity. As humans we like to think that we invented everything, but the process of attracting a mate is part of a classic biological infrastructure that has been in place for ages. Birds, lions, bees, geckos…both males and females go out of their way to present themselves with the goal of attracting a mate.

So yes, while the classic duck face is not cute, it has also ignited a whole lot of hate that is totally unnecessary, and entirely understandable if we weren't so quick to lay the smackdown on each other. So quit hatin' y'all! Express your dislike in a respectful way with a sweet tee like this, and those darn adolescent girls will get it eventually. You don’t have to go around trolling every duckface photo with witty one-liners like “I HATE YOU” and “YOU DUCK FACE, YOU DIE.” Whoa now. No one got thrown in the pokey for an awkward lips-pursed photo...pretty sure it’s not fatal either. Photo via

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