YES. Gimme that brick! On a rad graphic tee! Before there was X-Box, before Gamecube, before Nintento Wii, before Super Nintendo, way back when kindergartners asked for Barbies and Nerf guns instead of iPads, back when dinosaurs roamed Pangea…there was this monster brick of a Gameboy, around the same size as the first cell phones. My, have we come a-ways in twenty years. Who didn’t love these things? They were enormous, cumbersome, had awful sound effects and terrible visuals, used up like eight hundred AA batteries in a week...but crushing mushrooms and jumping over chimneys in Super Mario Land was my thang.

If I may, random question: How come everyone thought it was a good idea to take the game out of the back of the consul and blow a whole bunch of air into it? Every kid I knew with a Gameboy did that. Weirdos. Imagine if you could do that to anything and it would spring back into shape? Vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, dish washer…you can give anything mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, right? On second thought, let’s not test that theory. Or if you do, hopefully your roommate doesn’t catch you, or is already acquainted with your compulsive weirdness. Check out more cool tee reviews, products, and random thoughts about life on the WhoopTee blog homepage.

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