As far as fairy tales go, The Princess Bride is a bona-fide classic. Duh. Anyone who disagrees didn’t have a childhood. And while I was sitting here, twiddling my thumbs while wondering how I could ever top my last post where I teach you to dress like your dog (don’t ask), it came to me. The classic Robin Wright-Carey Elwes love story, based on a book read by an old man to young Fred Savage, who later went to star in The Wonder Years as his adolescent self while his thoughts were narrated by a middle-aged man. Fred Savage for the win. 
Here’s one of my favorite Fred Savage quotes from The Princess Bride on a custom t shirt
Yes, you’d wear that. You’ll be walking down the street and everyone who is ANYONE will be asking you what your favorite part in the movie was and where you want to kick it to talk about Andre the Giant’s current whereabouts. This is a nice trick I employ from time to time to filter out the people I do and don’t want to talk to. Ie: put some sort of obscure Harry Potter reference on a t shirt design and talk to everyone who gets it. It’s like the best insta-friends app ever, only real, and not creepy. Hooray!
So get up off the couch and make some friends today. Yeah, you. Design your own custom t shirts with some totally random and hilarious reference to a movie, song, YouTuber, inside joke, whatever strikes your fancy, and go with it! Get started today. You’ll love it, we promise! And you don’t have to put on crazy, ridiculous things like I can design something that’s actually cute.
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