You’ve seen the movies: eventually robots turn against us.  I choose to take post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies as a prophetic warning, giving us some indication of where our current path is taking us.  This is why I hereby refuse to eat a burrito created by Burritob0t.  Burritob0t takes its cue from 3D printing technology and applies it to the manufacture of burritos, adding layer upon layer of Tex-Mex goodness until you’ve got a bona fide burrito you can eat.  Which sounds great, but listen, robots build cars, they assist the elderly and infirm, they vacuum, and they drive around Mars; I don’t need them constructing my burritos, too.  I mean, when the brownies hit the fan and robots take over everything, I’d like to retain at least the ability to put together my own burrito.  So we at Whooptee make this commitment to you: we are not robots--we are real people really printing real tshirts really designed by a real person, you.  So when the robots do take over, you can still get your custom tshirts from us.  We’ll be wearing ones that say “I see you, Burritob0t. I see you.”

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