Every kid will work in a cubical when they grow up. There are no other careers other than sitting at a desk in an office. Oh, you don’t agree? Well, perhaps we need to make more of an effort to let kids know that there is a world of possibilities out there, and a world of career paths. There are professional jobs with a suit and tie, but there are also plenty of possibilities for careers with clothes with varying degrees of dirt on them.


It doesn't need to be quite as dramatic as that show Dirty Jobs, but there are lots of trades out there for people who like to work with their hands. There are also plenty of trades these days that don’t even involve that, with IT and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) jobs aplenty. A four-year degree and a pencil pushing cubical job are not young people’s only alternative to the gutter. 


Sometimes in the rush to push kids to college, we seem to forget all the fulfilling careers and good livings that can be made with a technical college degree or a two-year community college education. Oh, and don’t forget apprenticeships. We need to show kids the other careers and the world of opportunity in front of them.


Many schools foster this love of trades early with technical classes and shop clubs. Help promote the trades in today’s generation with affordable custom t-shirts. With WhoopTee, you can design a t-shirt quickly and easily with our designer tool. Get the class or club involved. Have them design a t-shirt with our designer tool and vote for a winner. This will give them a fun activity and help them to really invest emotionally in the club. If you need to know how much your order will be before hand to collect cash from the kids, get a free quote.

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