Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. That gives you just under a month to get your present bought. This year, don’t settle for generic junk or novelty gifts next to the counter at the departments store. Certainly don’t go for the greeting card with a crumpled up $5 bill. Give your dad something straight from the heart. 


No, you don’t need to make him a lanyard or an ash trey, just something genuine. You can create a custom t-shirt for your dad and give him a unique Father’s Day present that’s also practical. We’re not even forcing you to be sappy about it. In fact, going for laughs is probably your best bet. Make sure it’s something he’ll actually want to wear! Chances are your dad has a dad joke he likes to use all the time. Use that! Your dad will love it. 


If not a dad joke, what about a dadism? Does your dad have a phrase he can’t live without? Honestly, most of us do even if we hate to admit it. Dads are particularly susceptible to repeated phrases they like to use. Take a favorite saying, or a word your dad beats to death, and make a shirt about it. We can’t believe we have to tell you this, but if your dad is self conscious about it and this shirt will hurt his feelings, try something else. A Father’s Day present in good fun, however, is a really cool gift, especially for the “comedian” type dad. 


If you order your t-shirt today, you can have it in time for Father’s Day. Check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see when your t-shirt will arrive at your door, free of charge. You can order a single custom tee for dad with our no minimum options. If the design doesn’t excite your dad, tell him about how much money you saved with free shipping. That’s bound to leave an impression on any dad.

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