How many of you have like, a million custom t shirts that have accumulated in your t shirt drawer? Yeah, me too. Surprise. I’ve already posted about one badass folding trick, but I must apologize dear t shirt lovers, for I left you hanging. Once folded immaculately, certainly the question is what do you DO with all of those perfectly pinched and precisely crisped custom t shirts? Excellent questions. 
Did you know there are such things as professional organizers? Well, there are (lol...what). And what is it, you ask, do they do? Organize crap for a living. Literally. Anywhatsit, I was perusing the interwebs when I came across this nifty little professional organizer trick, called the stack and roll. This might mess up your perfect folding, but once it’s folded properly it makes it waaay easier to roll your custom t shirts neatly so they don’t wrinkle. So, by rolling and stacking your shirts, you can transform this…
into this! Voila!
You can read the post from Real Simple here- it’s extremely easy and fabulous. Your shirt drawer, confused by all of the extra space and lack of intolerable mess, won’t know what to do with itself! And then, you’ll have way more room for all of those awesome new t shirt designs you’ve been waiting for! Like Harry Potter! Isn’t there an eighth book coming out soon? No? What? 
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