Had a rough night? Look, we know how it is, sometimes things can get a bit crazy. You have fun, and you don’t want to stop. Then the next morning rolls around and you have to pay the bill. Not a literal bill, although we wouldn't be surprised if you racked up a huge tab. No, we’re talking about a hangover, that head-splitting, nausea-ridden beating your body takes when nature comes to collect it’s due. Nature kicks in your door like a couple of mafia enforcers, complete with baseball bats, and relentlessly beats the good feelings out of you. This is where your night of hard partying got you. Maybe you should create a cheap custom tee to help you remember to take it easy next time.


With WhoopTee, you can easily and affordably create a custom t-shirt and have only a single copy printed for yourself. You can design your shirt easily with our user-friendly design tool, then have it shipped to you in two weeks, for FREE! Once you have your hangover tee, you can use it to remind yourself of bad decisions and maybe make some better ones next time. 


Do your roommates get a little out of control? You can create a shirt of shame to make them wear on the morning after. Consider it a modern dunce cap for grown up children. The shirt of shame can be passed around, a prize of dishonor for the most ridiculous roommate. This goes for fraternity brothers and sorority sisters also. Pro tip: make sure to get a big, baggy size so that you all can squeeze into it. Unless of course you’re all the same t-shirt size, in which case…you know, just get that size. 


Ready to get your hangover tee? No, you aren’t. You’re hung over. How are you even reading this? Seriously, go drink some water, take a nap, and come back when you’re feeling up to it. If you need some help, check out our t-shirt printing guides, or call our customer service department at 888-841-5823.

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