Mardi Gras. A celebration ushering in the Catholic holiday season of Lent or the party to mark on your annual calendar?  Either way, it’s sure to be filled with food, fun and festivities!  Every year the date changes, making the weather even more unpredictable, causing some partygoers to second-guess their outfits. is here to help. Check out our list of must-haves for any Mardi Gras celebration:


Color:  The traditional colors of gold, green and purple aren’t arbitrary but symbolic: Purple represents justice; green represents faith; gold represents power. Add your own twist to customize apparel unique to your look!


Masks:  Add some southern flair by adding to the masquerade effect. In fact, in New Orleans, float riders are legally obligated to wear masks - others just wear for fun.


Beads: Commonly used in lieu of money for the purpose of bartering or begging. The bigger the better.


Hurricane:  Don’t think about Katrina, but the bright pink cocktail that consists of rum, rum and more rum.  Put your drink in a shatterproof cup so you can make it through the packed streets without feeling parched!


Friends: True friends - not acquaintances that “want to tag” along.  The only thing keeping you from grabbing a cab at any given moment or heading to a different party, is the nagging feeling of loyalty.


Now that we have that covered, head to our website to design a t-shirt for Fat Tuesday.  Maybe even include a checklist of “things to do or see” on your shirt; have people sign it while you’re out celebrating.  Take a picture of your shirt and post it to our Pinterest page! If you add a rush order today, you will receive your shirt with a day to spare!

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