Well done, Ms Hudgens. Take note, tee-lovers: gorgeous color, beautiful cut and fit. Yay! And I have to say, while perusing through the bazillions of street style blogs I frequent every day in order to bring you all the best in fashionable tees, I've seen quite a few of you run into trouble with off-the-shoulder tees that aren't fitted correctly, come in some awful variation of vomitous green or disgusting yellow, or sport some totally useless graphic. I’ll admit, I thought the same thing you probably thought when looking at the preceding photograph: that dude on the back right with the olive-green pants holding hands with a tiny Asian girl has a great goatee. Kidding, kidding (sort of). My first thought was, “What could Vanessa Hudgens possibly know about peace?” As I’ve come to realize in my adulthood, rarely is my first or second thought correct...so approaching my third thought, I am momentarily willing to suspend my judgment and entertain the idea that perhaps Vanessa Hudgens does care about peace. Maybe she spends her free time weaving hats out of organic straw with a swath of tree huggers while some blue grass band sways in the background pretending to raise money for world hunger while they’re actually selling spleens on the black market (unbeknownst to her, of course). Maybe she'll unleash a scatterbrained response a la Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 and start prattling on about how we need to bring maps to the Iraq and the South Africa...or maybe she doesn't care about peace at all. Hooray. As a voice in the world of t-shirtery, I’m using mine to say this: it doesn't matter. Maybe she just likes the darn shirt.
The point of the graphic tee is that for some reason or another, you felt compelled to wear it...so you did. Boom. If people who criticize you for wearing a tee that meant something to you in the morning when you put it on or in the store where you stole it from...who cares. Whether or not you care about peace or love or those darn milk cartons that don’t open all the way and leave little cardboard-y bits in your milk or three hole punched paper that doesn't line up with the binder rings...if it's important to you, wear it. Don't care what anyone else says, be unique and true to yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you what is uncool if you think it’s totally rad.
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