Back when you were a kid you had few things on your agenda: school in the morning, lunchtime, homework after school, and play with friends until dark.  That meant getting on your bike and going to your favorite hangout - the park, ice cream store or maybe an arcade.  You’d sneak soda and snacks while your parents weren’t around and slowly ungulate until everyone was on an equally sustainable sugar high.  And if 5 days of play a week wasn’t enough, you’d spend the rest the weekends planning sleepovers and movie nights.


Playing with your friends meant everything to you, then and now.  As adults, we’re hampered with responsibilities, from work to home, that act like vampires, sucking our time and energy.   Friends are still as important as ever, but “play” doesn’t look like it used to.  Bikes have been replaced with road trips, parks replaced with coffee houses and soda with wine. While we never have enough time, we do what we can, when we can.  

Take a tip from the playbook of these friends featured here.  They got together to participate as a team in the Battlegrounds Competition.  They trained, worked together and made memories.  And luckily for them, they created custom shirts from to commemorate their day.  And as an added bonus, they submitted this photo for a chance to win a $200 credit toward their next order of group shirts!

Every month gives customers a chance to enter and win just for sending us a picture of your friends, family, or co-workers in their custom apparel.  You get a chance to show off your design or increase awareness for a cause; we get inspired and give away some cash while we’re at it.

So get out in the world and play with your friends again - and share your clothes while you’re at it! . . . Where our shirts meet your designs!

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