Pointing at things is so much more difficult than you think.  You know it has happened to you: you’re with your friend, and you see something amazing (like, you know, sasquatch), so you point at it.  Your friend says, “Where? I don’t see it.”  And you say, “Right there.  Right where I’m pointing.”  “Right there?” says your friend.  “No,” you say, “Right there.”  And then your friend does that thing that people do when they can’t tell where you’re pointing; they stand behind you, right behind you, their front pressed up against your back, and they look down your arm.  And they still don’t see it.  Don’t do that.  Anymore.  The Smart Dot laser pointer for your iPhone solves this problem.  Just plug the laser into your headphone jack and point, with efficacy!  We think that grey circle with “Laser” in the middle would make an intriguing tshirt design, too.

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