Today is National Proposal day, and we’d like to take the opportunity to give you lucky folks out there who are racking your brains for a cool proposal idea a little assistance. You can’t just walk up to your beloved and say “hey, you wanna do that getting married thing?” No, you have to make it memorable and special. Does this mean that you have to rent out a hot air balloon and fly over a field of roses that spell out “will you marry me?” No, but that would be cool. If you can pull that off, we give you permission to exit this article now. 


For the rest of us, we need something unique and in the realm of possibility. Well, if you have internet access, a credit card, and two weeks, we have you covered. Just propose with a custom t-shirt! 


You can create a custom t-shirt with our designer tool quickly and easily. Unlike other t-shirt printers, you can order just a single t-shirt from WhoopTee with our no minimum options. Create a custom tee wedding proposal for pennies of what an elaborate proposal would cost, with no wow factor sacrifices! We offer free shipping on our t-shirt order in two weeks. Make sure you give yourself two weeks of time before you pop the question so that your t-shirt can arrive. 


When it comes time to pop the question, ask yourself a question: what would Clark Kent do? Clark Kent wears his Superman suite under his professional reporter clothes so he can simply take off his disguise in a phone booth and fight crime at the drop of a hat…literally. You can do the same with your proposal. 


Hide your custom tee under a button down shirt, Say something romantic, wait for a tender moment, and unbutton your shirt dramatically and reveal the big question. It’s unexpected, its memorable, and it’s cheap. You can’t beat that combination.

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