In June, I visited Curacao, an island in the Caribbean. There is a museum there called Kura Hulanda, which educates visitors on the history of slavery around the world as well as the local history and culture in Curacao.


One of the many cultural features in the museum that intrigued me was the handmade doll exhibit. Each doll was made entirely out of cloth. These dolls were representative of people who had lived in Curacao and consisted of so much detail that it seemed impossible to create that level of detail with cloth. I was so fascinated by them that if a t-shirt had been made to preserve my memory of these dolls, I would have bought it and worn it proudly.


This may sound strange, but t-shirts tell a story and preserve the memories of a lifetime. This is one t-shirt that I missed out on, but perhaps WhoopTee may help Kura Hulanda and other museums to sell t-shirts that preserve the history and culture that is alive within the museum walls. What ideas do you have to preserve history and culture on a t-shirt?

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