The Price Is Right has been a staple on television for over fifty years, while managing to maintain steadily high joke, over FIFTY years. Dang, that’s a long time! Especially in television years, a show with a fifty-year long run is like, an unheard of eternity. In light of that kind of success The Price Is Right Live! has been born, and it’s coming to St. Louis! A spin-off of its television counterpart, The Price is Right Live! features the same games and contestant chances to win various appliances, vacations, large sums of money, and even new cars.

How cool would it be to watch someone win a brand-new car right in front of you? Under usual circumstances I’d be the obnoxiously selfish one who probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelash (unless I was the one winning the car), but a few YouTube Price Is Right clips later and I’m a believer. Admittedly, part of me is a tad green with envy that I'm not up there winning all the cool stuff, but that part is quicky overshadowed by how seriously entertaining it is to watch. Having said that, my hang-up is that the contestants seem phenomenally underwhelmed by the awesome stuff they win. I was watching one where this guy won a boat…a freaking BOAT…and he waved to the audience a couple of times and sat back down.

That’s IT? If that had been me, I would have had a snot-ridden crying attack and some variety of freak out involving joyous convulsions…then I’d probably do this…and then I’d probably hock it on eBay to pay for grad school. And then I would be RICH…muahaha! No, not really…but to a broke recent grad, however many thousands of dollars the boat cost is probably similar to how Harry Potter must have felt when he finally got to see his Gringotts safe. 

So, moral of the story: if you’re not doing anything next Friday, October 5th, you should be. Get your tickets to the event here and prepare yourself for an evening of all your favorite Price Is Right games, from Plinko to Cliffhangers and The Big Wheel, and more. Plus, you don’t have to be called up to the stage to win; random prizes will be handed out to guests all night, just for being there. Coolness! See you all there!

Ps, just to let y'all prepare for your evening of magical prize-winning, here's a pinch of advice: don't do this

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