Do you put the pal in principal?  Handing out high-fives and fist bumps to students and faculty alike.  Making sure – in a politically correct way and/or manner that is sexually inoffensive - that the rules and regulations of dress code have been followed.   But there’s something to be said for letting kids wear whatever they like to school.  The stoners and all-round deviants usually show up on St. Patrick’s day proudly wearing  a marijuana shirt and matching socks.  Brilliant.  You know exactly where to look when there’s a small fire in the bathroom on the 3rd floor.   On the other hand,  meet the new Student Council President (although she may not know it yet), dressing in a brightly colored skirt, ironed shirt and sensible shoes.  It’s just a matter of divide and conquer.

What does your wardrobe say about you?  Are you a suit and tie kinda guy? Slacks and sweaters fill the closet?  What kind of drawers are in your drawers?

You want to look respectable, but cool; athletic but not in a water boy sorta way.  Try  It’s not just for custom t-shirts.  There’s a range of custom collared shirts to choose from like the Gildan Ultra Cotton Jersey Sport Shirt.  Or for a more athletic fit, try a Badger B-Dry Core T-Shirt with Sport Shoulders.  You can have a whole new wardrobe available in as little as two weeks, with no minimum order required.

It’s no news that your clothes say a lot about you – and your students, so you have to dress for the job.  Which fortunately for you, offers a lot of latitude.  All eyes are on you, whether it’s a graduation ceremony, homecoming football game or a morning meeting.  Take your casual wear up a notch and design a shirt with

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