So, I have a tirade I've been meaning to get around to. Bear with me, I'll attempt to keep it on the non-gratuitous side (no promises). Here it goes: With all the tees out there, at some point you've surely been subject to those awful, itchy, scratchy tees that feel like they've been woven together with straw. Yuck, bad. You poor lost soul, constantly in search of that perfectly soft, comfortable tee shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of sweatpants, boxer shorts, etc. We know how that feels! Get ready to have your prayers answered, witness the parting of the Red Sea, watch a turtle race a hyena and win, live on the Moon...well, not yet, but in that realm of awesome. We’ve found you a whole bunch of tees that are super soft and comfy, but also well-cut and stylish.  At WhoopTee, we know comfort and fashion go hand-in-hand. It's hard to really a love a tee that's comfortable, but hangs on you like a giant pillow case or has a graphic with The Hansons on it from when you were twelve (or from last year). You don’t have to hide it; we’re all friends here. Even for those of you out there who say you don't worry about how stylish your tee is...pfffft. Lies.

Come on out and show yourselves for what you are: a herd of lost sheep desperate to be pointed in the direction of a tee that is equal parts comfortable, stylish, and super soft with a totally rad graphic or text. At this point, I'll kindly point you in the direction of the WhoopTee T-Shirts products page, which you can find here.
That's just the tee and tanks page, but there's a ton of more awesome stuff to check out: hoodies, pants, youth, athletics, business wear...if it can be made out of cotton, printed on and worn by a human being, chances are we have it. One of the many beauties of having a large selection is there's no way you won't be able to find something that has a fit, cut, and style that works well for you and your individual body. As a good Samaritan, I thought I would do my good deed for the day and direct you in the direction of this exciting new schtuff. Gildan, Canvas, Bella, and Hanes are a few of the brands in the shop- and they’ve got the good stuff, none of that itchy, scratchy, steel wool-like material. And for those of you with extra-sensitive, baby-soft skin that needs some special taking care of, Gildan and Hanes make soft style t-shirts. Click here to see the Gildan Soft-Style, or here to see the Hanes ComfortSoft tee. Contrary to the stereotype, they're not that hideous, lifeless pillowcase material. They’re really attractively designed shirts, with men's and women’s styles intended to complement each specific body type. And I’m not just saying this stuff. Check it out for yourself on the WhoopTee wesbite. Wibsete. Gah, website...whatever, you knew what I meant.
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