He's been called "bouncer", "cooler", and "doorman".  He's been spit on, slapped, insulted, and berated, but his faithful service goes on.  His task is a thankless one; when he has to leap into service, it likely means someone has had one or six too many, is getting dangerously roudy, and is probably about to vomit.  He's the Protector of the Night, the Thick-Necked Guardian of all Club-Based Night-Fun, and his job is to make sure the party goes on, and that no one is able to poop it.  He can be recognized by his almost ubiquitous black t-shirt, tightly drawn around his impossibly swollen biceps, adorned with "Security" across his double-wide shoulders, and he is the one who allows for all of the joyousness to take place inside while keeping all of the undesirables safely outside his door.  For every night of cheer you've ever experienced, you owe him big.  You would be wise, the next time he allows you across the threshold into bar-delight, to offer him your gratitude, adoration, and respect.  

If you're a bouncer or head of a security team and are in need of some new custom tshirts, let us at WhoopTee know.  We'd be glad to help!  



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