It’s the first day back to school, and you’re looking for that cool club, Itorganization, sports team, or activity to join. Even without the awkward tension, zits, braces, and that obnoxious kid who always plays the trombone really loud, right in your ear during band practice (he’s probably just got a crush on you, uncooperative head gear and all), high school is a breeding ground for all kinds of awkward. This can be combatted by you and your friends taking a cue from St. Louis University high school, and starting your own club. From the Seinfeld club to the NASCAR club, students are encouraged to take initiative and start organizations that reflect their individual passions and interests. This makes the world of t-shirtery even more appealing; at WhoopTee, you aren’t limited to specific styles, colors, or images. Who are we to stifle who you are? You can literally print anything you want. So head over to WhoopTee and make your shared passions come alive by designing a shirt for your individual club. 

Check out the article from St. Louis Magazine about SLU’s extracurricular programs here.  

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