Today is national Miniature Golf Day, and we thought we’d take a moment to recognize the greatness of the ole put put. Mini golf has it all…you get the fun of golf, without having to track down balls on the other side of a field or buy expensive equipment. That’s even before you pay for the golf itself…mini golf is a fraction of the cost, but not a fraction of the fun. A competitive game of put put on a complicated hold can be super competitive and intense. 


That brings up an important part of the fun for mini golf: the holes themselves. It’s fun and challenging to find the proper angle to attack a hole and avoid, or utilize, obstacles or rises. It’s also fun to see all the cool designs and themes constructed for the holes at a mini golf fun park. 


Amusement parks in general are fun. We’ve mentioned before how custom t-shirts make amazing uniforms and promotional items for fun parks. T-shirt uniforms are cost effective and help to develop and brand. They’re also inexpensive enough to be easily donated to fundraisers for private auctions. 


Fundraisers, you say? Mini golf makes for a great fundraiser that will loosen your attendees up and put them in the mood to give. It’s also not hard to convince people to play mini golf. You can create a custom t-shirt for your mini golf fundraiser quickly, easily, and affordable with our user-friendly designer tool. You can choose your t-shirt, choose your colors, choose your fonts, choose your graphics, and even upload your own image, provided it is in the proper format and you won the copyright. You can then arrange these elements to make a design perfect for your needs. The best part? You shirt will ship for free in two weeks. Talk about a hole in one!

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