Are you a weekend warrior? Never met a 5k you didn't like? You rise early, around 6:00a.m., on a Saturday for a 30 mile bike ride. After that, a quick shot of raw egg and wheat germ and off to hike the unbeaten path- away from all the wanna-be's. 
There you are, just hitting your stride with your black Labrador (affectionately named Beast) by your side. Then all of a sudden you hear something. Up ahead on the ridge is a fellow hiker. You've encountered others before, I mean it's not like you're a hermit. But this time is different. 
In an effort to avoid an awkward encounter, you divert your gaze downward and notice his t-shirt: 1994 Minnesota Marathon Winner. You know him! He’s the same “winner” that brushed by you just before the finish line, knocking you into the timing machine like a pinball!
Just as he passes, your leg juts out requiring no conscious will, your eyes lock and fear fills his face as he rolls down the trail. Sweet revenge is yours!
The slow realization that you’ve just tripped your imaginary enemy down a rocky path sinks in. You run to his side only to find him laughing. Immediately you think brain injury but then he says “I guess I deserve that.” The Rules of Attraction are in your favor: we attract people like us. How could he have known? You look down to realize you’re wearing the same shirt (minus the Winner title.) You rise, shake hands and continue on your way each knowing justice has been served.
Minutes down the trail as the euphoria has worn off and Beast’s wagging tail slaps you back into reality, you think: What if we didn’t have these custom t-shirts? What are the chances we both wore our race t-shirts on the same day on the same trail? What if another guy went to a “design your t shirt site” and made one that said Winner?
Realizing the life-changing impact a quality t-shirt can have is an epiphany only reserved for customers. Logon, browse the product line, design your own t-shirt, order, save cash, spend said cash on a Taser in case he changes his mind and love your new shirt for years to come.
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