It’s that time again. Fraternities, sororities, co-ops, and colleges come alive with the sweet smell of stale beer, pizza boxes, and fervently Febreezed dorm rooms. Oh, nostalgia. So while you’re ordering shirts for rush, intramural sports teams, and community events, why not tack on a fun shirt in the process? It’s good to treat yourself now and then, especially you crazy WashU kids. According to Newsweek, WashU has been ranked the most stressful campus in the nation. Wow! Y’all should loosen up with some fun and friends between curing cancer and chemically reorganizing garbage into petroleum. Or, test out a tried-and-true favorite: beer pong. Now I don’t know about you, but I took my beer ponging seriously in college. I teamed up with some of the best bros around, and we took down the town with our mad ponging skills, and had a ton of fun doing it! So rally up your friends, team up with a buddy who has good hand-eye coordination and take ‘em down for a ton of fun and good times you’ll look back on, and feel that wave of nostalgia yourself. 

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