All across the country, high school students and their parents are anxiously awaiting slips of paper in their mail boxes. They’re waiting on one little number that can mean scholarships and grants, one little number that represents twelve years of education…an ACT score. You’ve taken the prep courses, you’ve taken it again, and again, and again. Now that have your high score, and you’ve reached your potential, show the world with a cheap custom t-shirt from WhoopTee


The upper levels of the high school academic world are competitive, if not downright cutthroat. If your competitors do well, you hear about it over, and over, and over again. You could take the high road and be humble, or you can get a measure of satisfaction and fight fire with fire. Either way, you earned that high score and what you do with it should be whatever makes you happy, and opening a package from WhoopTee (shipped for free, mind you) is undoubtedly a happy moment. 


Parents, you’ve seen those “my child is an honor student” bumper stickers, right? When you pass a car with one of those, does it not fill you with an urge to let them know how much YOUR child has achieved? They don’t get to see your face when you see their bumper sticker, but you will get to see their face when they see your custom tee showing off you’re child’s ACT score. If your` kid gets a doctorate, make a t-shirt for that too and have ultimate academic one-upmanship until the end of time. Unless the other person’s kid is elected president…


Why settle for just the ACT score? You can make a t-shirt, or t-shirts, for your child’s academic pedigree. Student athlete? Check. Letterman? Check. High honors? Check. Volunteer work? Check. Awards? You know it. You can make a shirt for each kid, for each accomplishment, for each activity. Or, you can make a shirt for all at the same time. Either way, we have no minimum options or you can get great price points by buying in bulk. Why not let the rest of the family in on the celebration?

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