February 2nd, is National Crepe Day. The main place you find them in America is IHOP. But today you can make a homemade crepe with a recipe. Give your family and friends a treat or just show off your cooking skills. There really aren’t many dishes more beautiful than a well done crepe. 


French teachers and French Club sponsors, this is the perfect day to mobilize your club. You can have a morning crepe breakfast for students as a fundraiser, or have one for the entire community. Use this as an opportunity to raise funds for club activities or a local cause. This is also a great time to wheel out custom t-shirts for your club to wear at the event, or to sell to friends, family and the community. Make sure your club t-shirt has some French on it so you can educate while your promote. 


One of the perks is you can use this as a conversation gateway into showing off your French language skills with people who ask about your t-shirt. Why learn French if you are not going to show off your skills? Well, we guess you could learn it to enrich your education. But let's be honest you are going to do both. But you love certain French words either phrases or just individual word that either sound pretty or even look pretty to you. Certain French words and phrases stay with you. 


Don’t have a French Club at your school? Start one! You can make a club where you just get together and eat French food., watch French films, and listen to French music. In this club you could have special days dedicated to more French foods, like National Crepe Day, and make your own holidays like Brie Day, Pain du Perdue Day (known colloquially as “French Toast), Creme Brule Day, and Baguette Day! Clubs are a great way to make learning fun for students and enrich their experience by letting them enjoy themselves and make friends while learning. It also helps to teach them of the culture behind the language they are learning to truly understand the language, the people who speak it, a bit about the world beyond themselves. 


Adults, it’s your turn to get a talking to! Do you have any idea how many French recipes contain wine? The French cuisine has a dish called coq au vin. It's literal translation is drunken chicken. You can even start a French book club. Not necessarily a book in French but books on the topic of France culture, or French history anyone? Fashionistas out there can start a club about French fashion! Or even clubs of other countries and cultures. Learning about other people, places, and ways of life is good for anyone regardless of age or background. We could all stand to be a little more well rounded, and WhoopTee is here to help!

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