February is National Heart Month. Why is it only one month of the year we dedicate to heart month? Is it not the most vital organ in our bodies? Well we can change that. We can choose today to get into shape and live a longer and healthier life. We can join the gym, look for group workout classes, and eat healthier, maybe by starting small. You can switch out the venti coffee at Starbucks for a tall. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can park farther away from the entrance of the building you are going into. You can also choose the diet drink verses the full calorie. Remember to avoid Gatorade. It is packed full of calories and sugar. 


Why not take up running? Not just any running, running for a cause. It is the year to finally run that 5K you have been thinking about in the back of your mind. If you can't find any in your area it is time to start one in your area. Everyone loves to support worth while causes like fighting for march of dimes or even breast cancer and it is an excellent way to raise money. Some people don't know how you raise money in these kinds of events. 


The primary way to raising money is to sell sponsorships for the runners to local groups and businesses. The sponsors for the runners pay X number for the miles the runners log in the race. What better motivation to get up and get active and most importantly stay in the race?


You can wait until the weather is better or use it as an added theme to the race: the polar run. You can even sell hot chocolate. While we’re on that subject, concessions are a great way to help bring in donations. You can also sell custom t-shirts with proceeds going to your cause. If you order in bulk, you can get a better price per shirt and have enough budget room to give shirts to your volunteers. You can also uncharge the sponsors to put their name on the back of shirts for your runners. You can order custom t-shirts with individual names on the back in our designer tool. 


There are several ways to get healthy AND play a larger role in your community, so get involved today!

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