All gave some and some gave all. This is a popular saying about those who serve in the millitary. Probably because there is a lot of truth to this for their members. There are some members who never make it back from their stations, others who are aways from their loved ones for months, years at a time, and some can return to their families after a day of work. Yet, all of them are making sacrifices for their country. Here at WhoopTee, we would like to thank them for their service, and wish them the best of luck.


Some military men are in for a twenty year contract and some just for four years, but a reality military members have to face everyday is one day they will retire and have to find something else to do. Or worse, may leave the service disabled. In the military, they offer a program to discuss your options and may even be put in contact with people who specifically help Veterans find jobs after they retire. 


So where do you see retired veterans? Look around you. They may be a small business owner down the street, a greeter at Walmart, or an older gentlemen in a retirement home. Men and women can serve in the reserves or active duty but either way it takes a lot of sacrifices and hard work. 


What other jobs require immunizations, physical exams, and not to mention boot camp where you do more than obstacle courses. You have book learning as part of the program where you learn specifics of your branch history and other military knowledge. It's a tough job to keep and a tough job to leave. Let's make a custom millitary t-shirt to honor our everyday heroes. Use the shirts to tell of your service or give it as a thank you for a veteran. Let me just say, Tango hotel alpha november kilo sierra for keeping our country safe. 

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