Christmas is past, and many of us got to see family and celebrate with them. Some members of the military could head home to celebrate, but many of them could not. There is no greater respect you can give a soldier than to let them know you support them and appreciate them fighting for our freedom. So make a shirt showing them your support. 


Veterans love when people come up to them and thank them for their service. It is great to be appreciated in any field you are in, but the military deserve a great deal of credit. Civilians don’t have to spend their holidays overseas with the possibility of not making it back home. Military members go months on end unable to see their children, their mothers, even their spouses. It’s an unfair sacrifice, but it is necessary to keep our country safe and we respect their sacrifices and hope they understand how thankful we are as a nation for everything they do. 


It’s not just the individuals who serve who make sacrifices their family members give up a lot as well. Every four years, some times less, they are forced to move away from schools, families, and towns were they have lived. It sounds cool to several people, but it takes a toll on these kids. You are going to a new school where you don’t know anyone and are forced to make new friends. Some schools offer different classes and they are forced to retake some that are similar to ones they have already taken. 


If you move in high school you may even have to take an extra year just to graduate to make up the new school’s recruitments. It’s a tough life to be a military kid sometimes. It’s even harder on spouses who have children all by themselves while soldiers are overseas. 


From all of us at WhoopTee we would love to thank all the active duty and retired veterans for their service. We appreciate you and your sacrifices. We encourage everyone to make a tee to support our military families.

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