Visions of sugar plums may dance in your head during this time of year - or an eggnog hangover.  If you have young children around you, Christmas is a time full of to do lists and a LOT of questions:  How do Santa’s reindeer fly? How does Baby Jesus fit down the chimney? Why does Johnny get two Christmas’s just because his parents are divorced?  Like I said, lots of questions and even fewer answers.


But there is always one question that is NEVER asked in my house: Is that the guy from Game of Thrones or one of Santa’s elves? And do you know why? 1.) We don’t have premium cable channels in our house and 2.) The Christmas Elf uniform.


We (people of non-elf denomination) tend not to realize the importance of dress in the hierarchy of Santa’s elves and how it may lead to an elf promotion.  Very rarely do you see elves dressed alike from Christmas special to Christmas special.


That’s simple, because each job has a different uniform: green hats are for beginner’s red and white striped stockings are for managing elf’s and traditional red and green are saved for those closest to Santa.


This simple formula could be used this Christmas as you personalize gifts for your inner circle with some help from Design a shirt for your co-workers; create a pair of custom sweatpants for your Wednesday night basketball team; and for that special someone in your life, nothing says I Love You like a custom tailgate hoodie (equipped with built-in cooler cup and bottle opener.)  


Take a cue from the man in red and organize your friends and family by using a hierarchy of custom apparel with  We know what you want for Christmas!






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